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Election Year - How do young people decide who to vote for?

Charlotte Cook

The new generation are gearing up to vote for the first time, but what triggers their decisions? Family, friends, or own choice?

How do young people decide who to vote for?

There are a few great things about turning 18 - in the eyes of the world you are almost an adult. With this age comes responsibility, and no - not just in regards to drinking. 

In New Zealand anyone 18 and over is legally required to be enrolled to vote. Voting is not compulsory, but you must be enrolled.

Election year is here and come September 23, a new generation of voters will take to the booths to contribute their opinion to the way the future New Zealand government is going to run. 

Having your say is important, but how much does the new generation of voters know and what are some of the triggers for ticking the box? Mimicking family values, copying friends, or taking a complete stab in the dark appear to be a few of the ways new voters are coming a conclusion. While there are young voters who have made choices of their own, there seems to be much more of the 'uneducated guess' approach. 

What needs to change to ensure all voices are heard and represented in our democracy?