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Surveyed firearms owners feel unfairly treated by firearm law reforms

Steven Walton

90% of respondents in a Council of Licensed Firearms Owners survey said they did not feel the Government was treating them fairly with firearm law reforms.

The council's survey, conducted digitally, was live for 31 hours and received 5509 responses. 92% of those respondents were licensed firearms owners. 

The survey showed a high majority felt gun law reforms would be ineffective and they'd agree to higher levels of vetting and security to retain access to semi-automatic firearms. 

The Council of Licensed Firearms Owners secretary Nicole McKee said the high percentages were not surprising. 

McKee felt let down by the Government's urgency to push through the bill, which is now in the select committee phase. 

Submissions on the bill will close at 6pm on Thursday, April 4. 

"We don't think that that's fair, we think it's quite unjust and it's very disappointing," McKee said.