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Christchurch embraces sustainable living

Victoria Harwood
Brooke Hunter
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The Go Green Expo is a chance for Christchurch residents to find new ways to help the environment.

Over the weekend, Christchurch's Air Force Museum was host to the annual Go Green Expo.

The Expo is the largest sustainable lifestyle show held in New Zealand, with shows in the three main centers throughout the year.

Christchurch residents turned up in large numbers, making it a little difficult to browse the stalls, but that didn't deter anyone. With a wide range of products, services, and organisations setting up shop, it was easy to see why the public were interested.

Event manager, Damien Hochberg, said that the Go Green Expo has increased in popularity since originally launching in Wellington in 2013.

The Expo started as a way of displaying alternative sustainable products which contribute to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.  

Hochberg attributed the success of the event to the increase in people interested about sustainable lifestyles. He said that the number of ticket sales to the event on Saturday had increased by 30 percent since the previous year.

"What it means is that there are more consumers who are interested in these types of events," said Damien Hochberg. 

Aiming to showcase what is needed to live a more sustainable lifestyle, the Go Green Expo had stores like Cali Woods; Metal straws, and the Eco Store. 

Organic food to promote healthy living had a prominent position in the event, with probiotic products being extremely popular this year. 

Interview with Event manager Damien Hochberg