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Obama next in line to meet famous gnome

James Regan
a gnome
Achilles has travelled the world meeting famous conservationists   James Regan

Achilles the gnome won't shy away from a meet and greet with a famous face, and Barack Obama is his next target.

Christchurch man Henry Sunderland uses Achilles to promote awareness and start a conversation about how "we are screwing the planet."

The humble gnome has gathered signatures from the likes of Dr. Jane Goodall, Sir Edmund Hillary,  All Black legend Richie McCaw and just recently Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Sunderland is hoping to get Achilles to meet Obama when he visits New Zealand next week. 

"It's 50/50 whether we get to Obama or not at the moment, but we'll see. If I have to get on a plane at the last moment, that's fine," Sunderland said.

Sunderland hopes the signatures on Achilles will start to push people's conscience about the way humans treat the planet. 

"I think if we want to make change on this planet and look after it, we can only do it in little ways. I think it's a good way of demonstrating to students. We're not like Greenpeace using fire hoses. It's a subtle way," Sunderland said. 

"If you were to ask me what creativity means... it's about adding value, which it is with the signatures. Art is sometimes about self indulgence....  it's not really saying much."

"I would love it if Obama would sign it,  wouldn't that would be amazing," Sunderland said. 

Barack Obama arrives in New Zealand on March 21 and will be here for three days.


Henry Sunderland