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Get your head around concussions

Courtney Winter

Any sport can cause a concussion but rugby union is one of the higher contributors.

In the past nine years, the amount of concussion claims in Canterbury have risen from 240 in 2009 to 344 in 2018.

Other sport-related concussions have also risen to 858 in 2018, which is 374 more claims since 2009.

Katie Hodge, rehab director at Insight Community Rehabilitation says she has seen a shift in the way people talk about the injury, with more of an understanding of the consequences when not treated correctly.

Some clinical symptoms a concussion can cause include blurry vision, neck pain, dizziness, confusion, and headaches

“People are understanding that you can’t keep having repetitive concussions and then function okay long-term.”

She says because a concussion is an invisible injury, people don't tend to treat it as seriously as they would a broken bone.

While all symptoms are unique to every individual and their incident, Hodge says headaches and a lack of concentration are some of the most common.