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A Christchurch enterprise may let you drink your way to 5+ a day

Green Shot

You can get your recommended servings thanks to a Christchurch enterprise - through a sachet.

A Canterbury enterprise Nutrient Rescue has created organic fruit and vegetable powders that are mixed with water and taken as a shot. 

Founder Michael Mayell who also founded Cookie Time,  said the sachets are convenient, cost effective and produce less waste.

"30% plus of the fruit and veges that leave the farm gate get wasted between leaving the farm gate and your fridge," Mayell said.

He said New Zealander's struggle to get the recommended fruit and vegetable intake because the quality in supermarkets is not always great, it goes off quickly and and it tends to be expensive. 

The green shots contain ingredients to support healthy skin, bones and iron absorption while the red shots contain antioxidants, help immunity and reduce fatigue. 

The packets, bought online, cost $30 for 30 shots. Mayell said one shot of the powder was equivalent to three servings of fruit or vegetables. 

Nutritionist Bek Perry said she thinks there was a place in the market for this and there are already a large range of similar products who are very successful.

However, she said she preferred to encourage people to eat whole and unprocessed fruit and vegetable products over the processed powdered versions for the majority of their intake.

Mayell said his next step was to create a global market for plant nutrient powders, so New Zealand dairy farmers can convert dairy land to plant farming. Nutrient Rescue discourages animal products as a part of a healthy diet.

But Perry believed animal products can be sustainably farmed, and they add value to a healthy diet.

She said individuals have the right to make the choice as to whether or not they want to include animal products in their diet.

Mayell seemed confident farmers would be supportive of using their land for plant farming, as he said it is profitable and environmentally friendly.