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'Humongous flames' engulf Woolston house

Lucinda Henry
Courtney Winter

A house on Tilford St has been left ruins after a fire in the early hours of this morning.

The fire in Tilford St, Woolston. Credit: Mel Watson

Neighbour Mel Watson alerted emergency services to the fire, and filmed the fire.

She was awake because her daughter often woke up in the night.

"I went and sat with my daughter at around 3.40am. There was a gap in her curtains, and I could see a bit of orange and I opened it up and I could just see these huge flames, like just humongous flames."

Watson said that her first thought was to contact 111, and a fire engine arrived only minutes later.

Woolston fire aftermath 5
The remains of the Tilford St house, which was gutted by fire. Courtney Winter

Two fire crews responded to the fire at the villa just before 4am, according to a Fire Service spokesperson.

No injuries were reported.

Woolston fire aftermath 2
The Tilford St villa after it was engulfed in "humongous' flames. Courtney Winter

Neighbour Merv Watts said he could smell the fire when he let his cat out this morning.

He saw the smoke and suddenly, "there were a lot of fire engines here, and cop cars".

Woolston fire aftermath 4
Two fire crews attended the Tilford St fire about 4am, Thursday morning. Courtney Winter