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Brawl breaks out at court

Ella Stokes

Fights breaks out inside the Christchurch District Court as trio appears on charges of murdering man in Sumner.

Six police and court staff were needed to subdue and handcuff Cyle Robert Jetson, 20, when he appeared in the court as one of three people charged with murder.

More police kept family members in court out of the struggle.

Jetson, Deborah Jean Tihema, 38, and a 16-year-old male are jointly charged with the murder of Pierclaudio Raviola, 65, who was found injured in a car park at Sumner last Thursday. He died in hospital on Sunday.

Jetson was handcuffed and taken out to the cells after several minutes, complaining of injuries from the struggle.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll had warned Jetson and his supporters to stop calling out to each other in the court.

Jetson entered no pleas to murder and burglary charges. He was remanded but lunged at one of the family in court as he was taken out.

All three were transferred to the High Court and are in custody without plea for appearances early April.