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Man guilty of spraying paint stripper on EQC cars

Duncan Weich
chch court
Christchurch Justice Precinct, where the High Court resides.  Jack Loader

A man who was seen spraying EQC cars with paint stripper has been found guilty.

57-year-old Russell Taylor Carr was seen by multiple witnesses driving his white van past several EQC cars, spraying a liquid out of his window on the 26th of February.

The liquid was later found to be paint stripper.

Carr was found guilty after a one-day trial where security camera footage was shown and his name and phone number were visible on the side of his van along with the licence plate.

He'll be back in court for sentencing in May.  

Judge Stephen O'Driscoll says he will take into account Carr's extensve past issues with EQC when deciding on his sentence and reparations.