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Two weeks til Easter and what's it all about?

Rachel Das
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A Christchurch bishop said Easter is not about eggs or chocolate bunnies.

The Anglican Bishop of Christchurch, Victoria Matthews, was not worried by the commercialisation of Easter or the focus on chocolate.

"If (people) no longer want to call them 'Easter eggs' when buying chocolate, that's not a problem. The story isn't about eggs, it's not about chocolate bunnies either. These are all cultural adaptations. The story is actually about the death and resurrection of Jesus," Bishop Victoria said.

The weekend holiday is two weeks away and retailers have rolled out Easter eggs, bunnies and other decorations.

Discussion had been started over whether Easter eggs should be referred to as "chocolate eggs", rather than Easter eggs.

Bishop Victoria was not worried if "Easter" was dropped before eggs and they were just called chocolate eggs or seasonal candy.

However, she believed it was very important for the name "Easter" to stay in the title of the holiday weekend, similarly with Christmas.

"It is something (the celebration) that has been incredibly important to a large part of humanity for 2000 years."

"The actual holiday which comes from "holy-day" - I think should remain as Easter," Bishop Victoria said.

Commenting on the commercialisation of Easter, Bishop Victoria said she was not concerned about that either.

"Of course it has become commercialised because we live in a world where everything has become commercialised."

She said it was no different to the commercialisation of a royal wedding, birthdays or even pets.

"It is up to the individual whether they realise that the Easter holiday is actually a "holy-day" or a chance to binge eat on chocolate and that's a personal choice," Bishop Victoria said.

Easter falls on April 14th to April 17th this year.