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Drum and Bass gig postponed during alert level 2

Luisa Osborne
A marquee for the Night of Drum and Bass hasn't been touched since Wednesday.   Luisa Osborne

Drum and Bass gig postponed during alert level 2

A marquee was been erected on Gloucester st on Wednesday, but that's where the work stopped. 

Audiology Drum and Bass gig "Night of Drum and Bass" was planned to go ahead on the Gloucester st site on Saturday August 15. 

"I'd say it's unlikely to go ahead under level 2," Ara student and builder Ethan Munro said. 

Munro was working on the construction site next door on Latimer square, and said the skeleton of the marquee had gone up on August 12 but there hadn't been any more done since then. 

"I'd say they're waiting to hear what'll happen," Munro said. Alert level 2 restricts gatherings of more than 100 people, and Munro said there would be more than 100 people at the gig.