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Divine intervention saves man claiming to be 'God'

Connor Haley
christchurch court3
Christchurch District Court  MetroNews

'God' has had his charges dropped in Christchurch District Court.

What could be seen as divine intervention has saved a man claiming to be god.

Simon David McKenzie, 37, claims to be 'God' and was arrested for unlawfully taking a car, stealing petrol and stealing alcohol.

Miraculously all of his charges apart from one, assaulting a police officer, have been dropped as police could not provide witnesses to give evidence against him.

'God' will re-appear in court in April for his remaining charge.

He had been held in custody late last year for more than 40 days but was released on bail, fittingly, by Judge Moses of Manakau. 

He thought that was highly offensive, telling judges that locking up God was treason.