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Quarry proposal a "David vs Goliath" battle for Templeton residents

Mitch Redman
Templeton Quarry
The boundary of the proposed Templeton Quarry on the corner of Jones Rd and Dawsons Rd  Mitch Redman

On Friday, Templeton residents will find out if the nearby 'Roydon Quarry' will go ahead, after a two-year fight against Fulton Hogan.

In early 2018, Fulton Hogan announced the purchase of 170 hectares of land near Templeton, which would be quarried. 

The proposed 'Roydon Quarry' could operate up to 24 hours a day, with the potential to supply aggregate from the site for the next 40 years. 

Concerns were raised about the toxic impact silica dust could have on the community, with the boundary located only 700m away from many residents. Other factors included noise, increased truck movements on roads and how house values could decline. 

"We’re hopeful that ECan will listen to us. We’re waiting with bated breath really. It’s just one of those things that goes one way or the other I guess,” Chairman of the Templeton Residents' Association, John Hobson, said. 

If Fulton Hogan's application is approved by Environment Canterbury, those that entered submissions hope their voices were heard, and further restrictions would be put in place. 

In contrast, if the quarry proposal is turned down, Hobson believed Fulton Hogan would keep on trying. 

“Fulton Hogan have so much money, they can just keep on tipping it in. We’re fighting a giant and it’s like David and Goliath really.”

Ahead of Friday's decision, Local MP Amy Adams said she was not against quarries, but Fulton Hogan's proposal was "significantly inappropriate" given the location. 

Adams had worked alongside residents of nearby Yaldhurst Quarry for a number of years, many of whom were experiencing "real significant health effects and detriments" from the dust. 

"Despite all the nice words we hear from experts lined up by the quarry company, dust can not be contained within the boundary of the quarry site. In my view, they are not effectively managed, mitigated or monitored by ECan, so I have no confidence in their ability," the Selwyn MP said. 

The Templeton Residents' Association wanted to thank those who had put in a tireless effort over the past two years, with Amy Adams adding that the community had done a "superb job." 


A proposed, 3D version of the 'Roydon Quarry'. Credit: Fulton Hogan