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Local artists are coming together virtually to help out the Darkroom

Caitlin Rawling
Local Christchurch band
There is a Tuesday between a Monday and a Wednesday  There is a Tuesday between a Monday and a Wednesday

Over 20 artists will be playing sets from their own bubbles this Friday to help fundraise money for the Darkroom to stay open.

The Darkroom is one of Christchurch’s most iconic venues, for up and coming local musicians. Like most businesses, it has been affected by COVID-19. 

Co-owner, Nick Vassar, is unsure whether or not the venue will be able to open when New Zealand goes into level 2, without some financial support from the public.

Vassar created a fundraising page for people to donate to and help the local business out.

The Darkroom will be hosting a ‘Social Distancing Special’ to coincide with the fundraiser, with over 20 artists, playing from the comfort of their own bubbles.

The local business owner handpicked artists who they believe contribute to the Christchurch music scene.

The concert will be live-streamed on Facebook and Boosted Live, where musicians will play 30-minute sets back-to-back.

Thomas Isbister is one of the many artists playing and expressed there will always be art needing to be made, whether the world is in lockdown or not.

“It is important and this new format is a good way for local music to still reach public audiences.”

Another band, ‘There is a Tuesday, between a Monday and a Wednesday’, said they absolutely love the Darkroom and have played and attended many fun gigs there.

“We really want to part of the live stream to help out but also because it is a cool opportunity for us to perform!”

The band told Metronews despite the strangeness of talking to a screen rather than real faces, it’s a nice feeling of connection and a reminder of what things were like before all of this.

Cam, better known as ‘Keanu Raves’, has been attending, playing and hosting gigs since the site first opened.

“Darkroom is my favourite local venue and so I am more than happy to help out and of course I am also frothing for an excuse to play a set.”

The two-day live stream concert will start this Friday at 6pm, the first day of New Zealand music month.

You can donate to the Darkroom here: https://www.boosted.org.nz/projects/darkroom-christchurch