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Culture shines through Linwood pool concepts

Finlay Dunseath
Linwood pool
Concept drawing of the Linwood pool, which will be located on the corner of Smith St and Linwood Ave.  Christchurch City Council

New pool will be a place of not just activity, but a cultural landmark for Linwood and Christchurch.

City councillor Deon Swiggs, who sits on the Linwood-Central-Heathcote community board, supported the cultural approach to the design.

He said there was a large Māori and Pasifika community in Linwood. It was important to acknowledge this by incorporating those cultures in the project. 

The name of the pool, which will be located on the corner of Smith St and Linwood Ave, would likely be a Māori name, or a combination of English and Te Reo. 

"The design will obviously need to be integrated with Māori designers and craftspeople," Swiggs said.

Local Iwi were consulted throughout the ideation process and would continue to be involved.

The city council's cultural design statement for the project says the building's facade will be inspired by the traditional art form of tukutuku, a geometric pattern acknowledging Pātiki (Flounder). 

Plans may include barbecues, tables and other street furniture to encourage the concept of whanaungatanga, a concept defined as relationships through shared experiences to provide people with a sense of belonging.

The $22 million pool complex was approved on Wednesday. Construction will begin next year.

Before then, there will be opportunities for the community to get involved in establishing the cultural references.