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Crusaders set for a comeback?

Josh Smith
Crusaders Training  Josh Smith/nzbs

Despite the Crusaders having their worst run in history, coach James Marshall is optimistic the team can turn around and win it all. The Crusaders will be looking for their first win of the season.

The Crusaders are facing a rough patch this season as they are currently on a five-loss streak. This is unprecedented for the once dominant side therefore adjustments need to be made swiftly.

Motivation can always be tough when losing matches, however the Crusaders are still in high spirits for their home game this weekend against the Chiefs at Apollo Projects Stadium.

Coach James Marshall says it's not for a lack of trying.

"They love this team - there is a real deep care for it there's definitely no lack of trying or care but more the opposite."

This speaks to the team’s motivation as they are still positive and giving it their all, despite their previous losses. Also, it's important to keep in mind the team is quite young, therefore the way the coaches go about motivating them won't be the same as previous years.

"With the group we have we can't tear them down, a lot of them need confidence," Marshall says.

Promising players for the side include 21-year-old lock Jamie Hannah who is in his rookie season, 20-year-old lock Tahlor Cahill, and 20-year-old winger Macca Springer.

Marshall says these guys are young and therefore still trying to find their feet in the competition.

The Crusaders vs Chiefs match this week will be tightly contested with the home team hoping to seal a win - which may be what is necessary to shift the momentum.

Home fans will be on the edge of their seat as this game could help the boys get into the top eight.

Marshall said he was optimistic about the boys making the top eight, and from there all they need to do is win three matches.