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Crosswalk sensors making Durham Street safer

Steven Walton
durham street crossing
This Durham St crossing has been fitted with safer crosswalk sensors.  Steven Walton

High tech traffic sensors have been added to the Durham St crosswalk used to access Lichfield St near the Justice and Retail Precincts.

The sensors detect when a person approaches the traffic crossing, meaning no buttons need to be pushed for the crosswalk lights to trigger.

The sensors also use heat and motion technology to keep the crossing signal green until people have successfully crossed the road, regardless of their speed. The crossing signal won't stay on any longer than needed, ensuring traffic can keep flowing efficiently.

This intersection was upgraded as part of Crown-owned rebuild agency Otakaro's An Accessible City transport plan.

Christchurch Transport Operations Centre Manager Ray Young said pedestrian cameras reduced wait times for vehicles, as some pedestrians crossed during gaps in traffic before the green light.

Young said the sensors would cater for different abilities of road users by adjusting crosswalk signal lengths during red light phases.

Christchurch City Council's Transport Planning and Delivery manager Lynette Ellis said the sensors negated the need for traffic to stop unnecessarily.

"These detectors make the intersection safer and more efficient," she said.

Ellis said the intersection was "functioning well" since opening as a two-way street on May 9.