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COVID-19 update

COVID 19 Update v4
COVID-19 Update  Metronews

Day three of Level 3 and three new confirmed cases reported

Of the three new cases one is linked to a current case and the other two are under investigation. 

However, one probable case is no longer considered to be related to COVID-19 so the figures for today have only gone up by two.

The new total is 1476, made of 1129 confirmed and 347 probable cases. 

With no new reports of deaths in the past 24 hours, the country's fatality number remains at 19. 

There are seven people hospitalised with the virus, none in ICU, and there have been no new cases in the previously identified 16 significant clusters. 

1241 people are recorded as recovered, which is 84% of the total cases. 

Director General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, reminded people that at Level 3 routine screening and childhood immunity programmes are now up and running so any reminders received are to be followed up.

Dr Bloomfield also advised that an amended health act notice had been published on the Ministry of Health website, with two important points to note:

1) People can travel to care for animals or pets, and vets are now classed as a contact service;

2) Hunting of game birds is not permitted, which means no duck shooting at this stage.