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Could you get the boot from Uber?

Timithi Aplin-Barrett
Harry Poland
Uber App
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Uber wants passengers to be nicer to their drivers.

You're going to have to be extra nice to Uber drivers later on this month. 

The ride-share service is updating its community guidelines. From September 19, passengers will need a minimum 4-star rating to retain access to the service.

Uber user Sophia Gottlieb, 21, said she had a 5-star Uber rating and wasn't concerned at all.

"I don’t think mine [Uber rating] will drop below five."

Another Uber user Lauren Haeysman, 18, was worried becuse if her rating dropped too low, "I won’t have any way of getting anywhere and that scares me."

Uber users will be notified if their rating drops too low to give them a chance to get their rating back up before the account is disabled.