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Consent passed to build cycleway at Mangamaunu

James Regan
Mangaumanu Bay is considered one of the best surfing spots in the country.  Annie Bermingham, Surfbreak Protection Society

Kaikoura District Council and Environment Canterbury have approved consents to build a cycleway, which could destroy a pristine coastline.

The plans have been passed under emergency legislation created after the earthquakes designed to speed up recovery.

There are concerns that the plans have been rushed and not considered properly, without any real knowledge or understanding of the possible effects on the bay. 

Annie Bermingham of the SurfBreak Protection Society says there has been a complete misuse of legislation. 

"They're putting it in under the legislation [designed] to open the road and for restoration work," Bermingham says.

"Clearly the road is open and the cycleway never existed, so that's not restoration work." 

Bermingham says the council and ECan have neglected the proper procedure when it comes to taking care of the coastline. 

"They basically turned a blind eye to the misuse of legislation. They've put out the welcome-mat to destroy the bay and the surf break."

The SurfBreak Protection Society will continue to fight the council on the proposed works at Mangamaunu Bay.