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Climate strikers unhappy with mayor's response

Daniel Perese

School Strike 4 Climate staged its first coordinated nationwide protest of the year on Friday.

School Strike 4 Climate protesters march from Cathedral Square to the Christchurch City Council on April 9, 2021.

In Christchurch, school students and members of the public walked from Cathedral Square the Christchurch City Council building.

The protesters arrived at the council at 1.23pm. Six of city councillors were waiting for them on ther steps of the building. Mayor Lianne Dalziel joined them 10 minutes later.

The protesters told her they want more investment in green transport infrastructure including free public transport. They called for investment in climate education. And finally, they demanded the city council stop the development of the Tarras airport. The airport made no sense during a climate crisis, the protest organisers said.

Lianne Dalziel
School Strike 4 Climate protestors list their demands for action to Lianne Dalziel. Daniel Perese

Dalziel praised the protestors. She explained that the regional council, Environment Canterbury (ECan) was in charge of public transport. She encouraged them to make submissions to ECans Long Term Plan.

She talked about the use of cars in Christchurch and said single-occupant driving was damaging the environment.

Some of the protesters responded to that by shouting: "What are you going to do about it?"

The mayor offered the School Strike 4 Climate protesters a meeting later in the day.

Andrew Carter, one of the organisers, said Dalziel had "ignored our questions".

Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter, one of the organisers for the School Strike 4 Climate. Daniel Perese