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Christchurch creatives' new spin on live music

Carmina Blewett
Joy X Libeau
JOY X Libeau performing the first episode in their #shopfrontdummies in August from Plume in Evolution Square  Himi Ratkanar

A local post-punk electronic trio are giving new life to traditional music performances.

JOY X Libeau, made up of *JOY* (synths), Narth X (drums), and Libeau (vocals and KORG MS2000), in collaboration with the City Council and Salt District, started their innovative performance series within boutique clothing store, Plume.  

The #shopfrontdummies debut took place last month from the display window, where in-store, only vocals were audible, with the synthesized music playing through speakers in neighbouring Evolution Square. 

Christchurch girl Shylia,12, said "It was really different seeing something from the inside, and then hearing it from the outside." 

The band said the concept was inspired by live art, making the overall installation a unique experience. 

"We hear everything through our headphones, and we're performing in that way which is totally different to any other gig... usually you've got fall-backs and you can hear the in-house speakers and everything, so [it is] completely different." Libeau said.  

*JOY* said he hopes his group's idea will gain traction further afield. 

"I want this idea to be shared locally, nationally, and globally - anyone can do this because we didn't really spend money. It's really the community working together trying to make a cool atmosphere in the city." 

JOY X Libeau said the public can expect more episodes of #shopfrontdummies around city in the near future.