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From Mighty Ducks to Ice Blacks

Emily O'Connell
Chris Eaden
Chris playing ice hockey   Chris Eaden

Christchurch ice hockey player Chris Eaden is playing for the New Zealand ice hockey team in the world championship.

Chris Eaden has been playing ice hockey since he was 8 years old and now he's representing New Zealand.

The 26-year-old Cantabrian, who plays for the Christchurch Red Devils, is representing the Ice Blacks in the Division II Group B Ice Hockey World Championship, which started in Auckland on Tuesday.

Eaden said he had loved the game ever since watching D2: The Mighty Ducks on tape. 

"After watching the movie on repeat, my parents let me have a go playing ice hockey." 

Eaden said the New Zealand games attracted 400-500 people, but it was hard to get attention for the sport in general.