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Change in direction for New Regent St tenants

Blake Benny
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New Regent Street  Blake Benny

Businesses are shifting their businesses to work without the usual international tourists in the central city street.

New Regent St, a destination for many, is now relying on the support of locals and domestic tourists to fill the void left by international visitors.

Heart and Soul Gallery owner Rachelle Hunt said she was finding ways to shift her business to work within the current climate.

"[I’ve] had to restructure a little bit, and look at the product mix and offering as the market has shifted and changed… have had to look at how we can capitalise on what there is now, as opposed to what there was before."

She believed the street was in a better position than other parts of the city.

"We are often told by the tram drivers that in terms of the foot traffic, [we have] the most out of anyone in town."

Café Stir operator James Zhang said he was reviewing his business model.

"Obviously after lockdown, people are still working from home, and not coming into the city… it's a challenge for everyone, but I believe they will back."