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But, you don't look sick? Episode 4 - young leaders

James Fleury
But you dont look sick  2
But, you don't look sick?   James Fleury

“But, you don’t look sick?” Is a five part podcast series where a group of influential people share their stories about their chronic health journey and ways they have ensured their condition does not define them.

In the final episode, James Fleury has a conversation with 15-year-old, Nicole Thornton about her chronic health journey and the story behind her petition to parliament.

In 2017, at just 12-years-old, Nicole petitioned parliament, asking the House to pass laws making employee toilets accessible to people with medical conditions requiring immediate toilet access (e.g. IBD) if public ones were not available. Since then she has been an active leader in New Zealand's Chron's and Colitis community and continues to raise awareness about her condition across the country. 

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