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Student hits top speeds

Charlotte Grimwood
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown at Levels Raceway, Timaru   Debbie Brown

Brown's passion for racing came from watching his Dad race go-karts from a young age, and he wanted a go for himself. Now, Brown is in final preparations to be lining up for 24 Hours of Lemons NZ.

Brown has secured a place on GTPlanet x Hooncorp, driving in the 24 Hours of Lemons NZ on May 11 at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park.

The driver line-up will consist of Louis Schumii, Cameron Fleming, Karl Schlegel, Daniel Brown, and Nathan Howe.

This will be Brown's debut driving for a team. He is looking forward to competing in the endurance race, having come from sprint racing.

Brown said before being selected for the team he couldn't believe he even got a reply to his application. 

A month later he found out he was in the team. Brown said it happened so fast. "I was and still am super, super excited."

The move from a go-kart to a race car was what Brown described as 'the next logical step'.

Since making a move to car racing, Brown's results have been progressing during each race meeting.

"I've been racing cars for about the last nine months, from the point where I bit the bullet, dove off the deep end and purchased my first race car," Brown said.

GTPlanet x Hooncorp
GTPlanet x Hooncorp Nathan Howe

In 2018, Brown competed in the finals for Aussie Driver Search, placing 14th out of over 1100 drivers.

During Brown's time go-karting, he was the New Zealand Champion six times, in four different grades; Second in New Zealand, five times; and third in New Zealand, three times.

Brown said much training has gone on behind the scenes to prepare for 24 Hours of Lemons NZ and the next season of racing.

Training has included physical driving techniques, mindset training, fitness, and strength.


Brown said he had been extremely lucky with the support he'd been given. He credited his "amazing family" as his main supporters.

"Without all of these incredible people, I couldn't be where I am today. This race offers me a chance to work (and race) with an extremely passionate bunch of people, as well as an amazing chance to race as part of a team for the first time, for one of the longest races held in New Zealand."

Brown's future goals are to race internationally on the endurance scene, such as the World Endurance Championship, and V8 Supercars in Australia.