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Breaking the cycle for our tamariki

Layla Bailey-McDowell
Halle Taite-Pitama
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Tamariki from Tuahiwi   Layla Bailey-McDowell & Halle Taite-Pitama

We speak to a strong Māori tāne who is breaking the cycle, and healing his intergenerational trauma.

We are aware of the chokehold the mass media has on manipulating the idea of Māori within Aotearoa. Māori are often told of who they are, or who they should be. Our kaupapa enhances the notion of breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma, systemic racism and prejudice which condemn Māori. 

Māori are often at the forefront of judgement and discrimination- which can lead individuals to follow a life of abuse and crime. They are evidently overrepresented at every single stage in the criminal justice system. Despite Māori being only 15% of the New Zealand population, stats shown by Hāpaitia te oranga Tangata (New Zealand Ministry of Justice) state Māori are 37% of people proceeded against by Police, 45% of people convicted, and 52% of people in prison. 

We speak to Barley Ngawati who is a product of our criminal justice system and have a kōrero on why he is breaking the cycle for his tamariki.