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Bouncer video: Not the full story

Louis Hermann-Watt

A self-defense expert claims there’s more to the story of how two bouncers acted at Christchurch bar Stranges Lane.

There’s more to the story of how two bouncers acted at Stranges Lane over the weekend one self defence expert claims. 

The pair of bouncers have fallen into the spotlight after a video emerged showing two bar patrons arguing with the security on Saturday night. 

After several minutes, the exchange escalated and a bouncer places one of the men in a headlock. When his friend intervenes he is thrown to the ground, prompting gasps from onlookers. Both men appear to lose consciousness and are put in the recovery position.

Some in the security industry have criticised the actions of the pair, a New Zealand Security Association spokesperson said there is “no justification” for the conduct of bouncers and called for a police investigation.

However ex-olympian, judo tutor and self defence expert Graeme Spinks said the video doesn’t necessarily give people the full picture of what happened on the night.

Spinks spent a large part of his career working in security and trained police officers how to use the same carotid hold employed by the bouncers before police decided to discontinue the manoeuvre. 

He said while Police had many options when it came to defending themselves such as pepper spray and batons, security staff are armed with nothing and had to put their safety and the safety of other patrons first. 

Spinks said the men shouldn’t be criticised until the full story is revealed through an investigation.