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Bishopdale intersection causing concern

Brad Christensen
Gardiners and Harewood
Gardiners Road end of the Harewood Road intersection  Brad Christensen

The Gardiners-Harewood Rd intersection is causing confusion for commuters in the area.

The Fendalton-Waimari and Harewood community board has discussed removing one lane of a busy Bishopdale intersection to make it safer.

Members of the public and the community board have voiced their concern that commuters do not know what to do when they come to the Gardiners and Harewood Road intersection.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel shared her own experience of travelling through the intersection saying she felt "less than safe".

However, she said traffic lights were not always the answer and encouraged the board to explore all possible options. 

The board will now conduct two community meetings to find the most popular proposal.