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The end of cycling month Biketober goes down a treat

Jack Loader

A group of keen cyclists celebrated the end of Biketober with a Halloween ride.

 Biketober, a month to promote the benefits of cycling in Christchurch ended on Wednesday night. 

 As a celebration, a group of keen riders rode around the Beckenham area dressed in costumes and armed with snacks to give people a trick and a treat.

 90 Various bike-related events were held across the month with organisers saying initial feedback and results on the success of the month look good. “Cycling is important for a variety of reasons, whether for your health, to save money on running a car or to reduce congestion in the city” ride organiser Meg Christie said.

“The council has made all these wonderful cycle-ways so we may as well use them” she added.

 This is the second year the council supported event has run, with a diverse programme of bicycle events for the public to enjoy. There were guided and self-guided rides, social activities, go-by-bike breakfasts, bike-repair workshops and seminars.

 Rider Amy Hewgill said she had attended about seven events across the month and being able to do a fun activity with the kids whilst also getting some fitness is fantastic.