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'Baby daddy' granted bail

Elizabeth Robinson

Anthony John Anderson has been grated bail on five conditions, one of which means having no direct or indirect contact the mother of his two children. 

Anderson is facing two charges including assault on a person in a family relationship, and common assault. 

Judge Raoul Neave said that Anderson's case was a "mixed bag", with the real issue leaving questions as to the safety of the complainent. 

After spending two weeks in intensive care at hospital,  Anderson said he just wanted to go home. 

He was assaulted by gang members and attacked with a shovel, saying he was "lucky to come out of it alive". 

"I'm doing the best I can to live my life," he said. 

Anderson had never breached bail conditions previously, and Neave said the matter was less serious than it might otherwise appear. 

In a statement, the complainent referred to Anderson as her 'baby daddy', and explained that their children would need some form of contact with him. 

Anderson was remanded without plea until September 3, and has a protection order allowing contact at the complainant's approval.