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North Island Floods: one missing, landslides and road closures

Talia Mimilo
Pohutakawa coast landslide
Landslide at Sunkist Bay Beach Sea Wall  Catherine Watts

The remnants of ex-Cyclone Debbie are causing slips and road closures across the North Island.

Record rainfall lashes Auckland causing damage and road closures throughout the city and in surrounding towns.


Kohimarama apartment block hit by landslide

An apartment complex in the coastal suburb of Kohimarama was evacuated last night after suffering damage in a landslide.

10-metre chunk of dirt tumble down a cliff face into the back of the apartments, forcing the tenants in the complex and in nearby houses to evacuate.

Kohimarama School had two students affected by last night’s landslide, and Principal Paul Engles said they will be doing all they can to look after the family.

"We'll be gauging what we need to do when they come in so we can support them as we would for any sort of traumatic events," he said.


Landslide that hit Kohi apartments Harry Davison

19-year-old Harry Davison was driving along the water front and said he saw the slip happen at around 8pm.

Davison said cracks were starting to appear in the dirt as mud tumbled down the cliff into the back of the water-front apartment block.

Aucklander Harry Davison watched on as the apartments were evacuated

Power cut turns off traffic lights

A massive power outage in South Auckland has caused Manukau traffic lights to stop working in rush hour traffic.

19,000 South Auckland homes are currently without power, following the remnants of Cyclone Debbie.

A Transpower spokesperson said they are hoping to get it up and running soon. 

Counties Manukau police said power is out in Papatoetoe, Manukau, Clevedon, Manurewa and Wiri.

It is expected to be restored around 7pm tonight.



power cut
Power cut causes chaos at a Manukau intersection Tyla Annett

Local fire brigade 'knows the drill'

East Auckland's Pohutakawa Coast is another community that has been hit hard by wild weather.

Beachlands Fire Brigade have been pumping water out of properties, closing unsafe roads and clearing debris.

Brigade Chief Fire Officer Shane Rutherford said it has been an extremely busy day for them.

Shane said their experiences with Auckland's torrential rain 3 weeks ago made them more aware of what needed to be done this time around.

Beachlands Fire Brigade Chief Officer Shane Rutherford

Beachlands landslide

The small east Auckland town, of Beachlands has seen wild weather tear through their community, causing a landslide at Sunkist Bay Beach.

The landslide spilt over the beach sea wall which raised concerns for community members worried about the leakage in the retaining wall.




Lynda Shepherd

Person missing in floods

Police have confirmed a person is missing after going under water in the Waikato River, near Ngaruawahia.

A member of the public said they saw a male being swept away in the river just after 1pm, near the rail bridge.

A search and rescue operation is underway and a police boat has been deployed on the river.

"If this person made it out of the river, we ask that he make contact with the police so we know that he is safe," a police spokesperson said.


Parts of Auckland 'submerged'

Courtney Burchell, a resident from an east Auckland town said parts of Clevedon are partially submerged.

"All the buildings that are in the reserve look like floating islands, there's water everywhere," she said.

Courtney said that its not common for them to have floods but this is the second one within the space of three weeks. 

"Roads are blocked and busses aren't running so pretty much everyone is stuck." Courtney said.

Clevedon Floods
Clevedon property flooded Courtney Burchell

Slips could affect North Shore properties

Fire crews and geo-tech reporters were at the scene of a massive slip in Auckland's North Shore in which part of a cliff fell into the sea.

The slip could affect 3 properties this afternoon if torrential rain projected by MetService was to fall.

Fire Communications Manager Jaron Phillips said properties' fences had also fallen.

He said no one was injured.

MetService reported that by lunchtime today, up to 10 millimeters of rain will be recorded.

North Shore cliff2
Properties on the edge of a collapsing cliff on Auckland's North Shore between Waiake Beach and Browns Bay Humm FM 106.2

East Auckland roads flooded

East Auckland resident Dylan Leckner took this video on his way to work, driving along Grand Drive in Remuera. 

Dylan Leckner