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Artists supporting men's mental health

Eve Abernethy
1 v2. Main cover
Main Cover  Supplied by Lads without Labels

A University of Canterbury club wants to raise awareness - while sporting a cool tee.

Lads without Labels is a charity started last year by UC student Sam McLean, who feels there's a gap in the wellbeing conversation for men. 

Vice-president Jules Haus says their main goal is to change conversations around mental health - he feels guys shouldn't be afraid to talk to a mate. 

According to president Sam Watkins, their name carries their aim to reduce the stigma certain 'labels' can carry. 

This week they've launched The Artist's Collective - gathering three artists to design t-shirts to raise money. 

Each artist gets to donate to their cause of choice. Kylas Kuzniarski is donating money to SURFable, Lee Richardson is giving to The White Room Creative Space and Aaron Kong to QTopia.  

The group wants to source local artists to support local efforts, Watkins says they're trying to serve the community they're in. 

Kuzniarski is a Cantabrian who has been working for herself for six years, after taking a step away from commercial design.

She says her art is about bringing joy and she's glad to be picked for this project. 

Her choice SURFable is an annual event run by the Sumner Longboarders. For four years they've been providing the disabled community in Christchurch the opportunity to catch some waves in a supportive environment. 

She says her mental wellbeing philosophy is getting into the sea and has incorporated that into her illustration.

"It's hard to have a bad day when you're getting your toes salty... it helps you deal with the things going on outside the ocean," she says.

Kyla v2
Kyla's t-shirt design Supplied by Lads without Labels

Event organiser Rohan Chakrabarti says each design tells a story about each artist's journey towards mental health. 



UC students and Kyla K offer some words of support to people struggling right now.

The t-shirts will be printed at Against the Grain in Woolston - LWL are hoping to sell 150 shirts and raise $1000 per charity. 

The shirts are $30 each and can be bought here:

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