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Art meets politics at Christchurch Art Gallery

Carmina Blewett
Founders Paradox
  Carmina Blewett

New Zealand artist Simon Denny's exhibition is presenting art in a fresh way at the Christchurch Art Gallery.

The Founder's Paradox uses board game and online gaming themes to explore contemporary issues of New Zealand and overseas.

The Berlin-based artist, Simon Denny, is giving a new voice to both art and politics in his unique style.

Christchurch Art Gallery Visitor Host Michael Purdie said The Founder's Paradox differed from the gallery's usual with its modernistic approach to topical issues.

"It's one of our most contemporary exhibitions for a start," he said.

The Founder's Paradox is proving relevant for a younger generation of art appreciators with artworks incorporating fidget spinners and e-cigarettes.

Avena Munro, 16, said that The Founder's Paradox was the first exhibit she came across in the gallery. She noted its modern view on advancing society.

"I did see the Twister with criminal justice and the disability provisions over there. It's pretty interesting," she said.

The Founder's Paradox will run until April 28.