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Art designs light up Christchurch

Antoinette Spicer
Art projection v2
An art projection outside the Christchurch Botanical Gardens  Antoinette Spicer

Projected drawings are being used in a new initiative by ChristchurchNZ and the Christchurch City Council to improve public spaces during the evening.

A lighting projector outside the Botanic Gardens is one of 10 projectors forming a trail throughout the central city displaying images, poems and drawings.

The projections are part of Council Enliven Places Project, Light up the City, aimed at activating public spaces during the evening.

Christchurch residents were asked for designs and poems that showcase what they love about Christchurch. 120 people submitted ideas, and 20 winning designs were selected.

The projectors were installed between 2018 and 2019, and 10 of the winning designs were displayed during August and September 2019.

The next 10 winning designs are currently on display.

The design outside the Botanic Gardens is by young participant, Evie. Her submission was about how she loves Christchurch because ‘'we are all connected, and we call it the garden city’'.

The lighting projectors each cost about $4000, according to the Christchurch City Council. A spokesperson said it cost $400 to print and install a new disc, which can then be reused multiple times.