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Bartender takes on armed robber

Ella Prendergast

Six patrons watched as a staff member, known only as Joe, wrestled one of the armed men to the ground.

Two men entered the bar shortly after midnight brandishing firearms, heavy disguises and gloves. The first man stood by the door as his partner pointed his gun at the bar staff.


The second offender pointed his gun at a patron behind the pool table.

Six patrons watched as a staff member, known only as Joe, wrestled the second of the pair to the ground.

A single shot was fired during the struggle, smashing a toilet door in the bar area.



Staff said they were left shaken after the attack

Detective Sergeant Geoff Ruddick said they did not know whether the shot was intentional.

The CCTV footage of the robbers

CCTV footage shows the tussle between the offender and barman.

The robber started bashing the bartender over the head with the butt of his gun, leaving staff with no choice but to hand over cash from their tills.


Police have reviewed CCTV footage but have not yet found the two men.


Staff said they were left shaken after the attack but returned to work as normal on Sunday.