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Are Easter Drinking Laws archaic?

Over 36,000 New Zealanders work in the hospitality industry, according to Statistics NZ.   Pexels

To drink in bars on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, you have to have a full sized meal

A Christchurch Hospitality worker says it's unfair people in Dunedin can drink in bars this weekend for Ed Sheeran but the rest of the country can't.

To drink in a bar or restaurant on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, you must have a full size meal.

Some Dunedin bars have been given a special license for the Ed Sheeran concerts.

Hospitality worker Louise Pidcock has launched a petition calling for a change to Easter Alcohol laws.

Pidcock says the law is archaic and a slap in the face for a progressive secular country.

She says this law doesn't reflect the current New Zealand society.