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Emergency stations part of student council's security 'ramp up'

Student representatives at Ara Institute of Canterbury want to improve student safety by installing "emergency stations" on campus.

The proposed emergency stations will be equipped with security cameras, phones and an emergency button. The stations are designed so that students can get into contact with security quickly if they feel unsafe or scared.

The designs have already been rolled out across the University of Canterbury and Massey, with feedback indicating the stations are effective in creating a safer environment for students.

Canterbury University student Megan McAlpine said a few of her friends had used the stations recently.

She believed they helped students feel more comfortable on campus.

Ara Student Council Vice Chair Brooke Jenner said the cost to Ara would not be as much as the universities because of its smaller campus size.

She said the council was hoping to install four stations. The University of Canterbury has 13.

A few of these stations placed in strategic locations would be able to cover a wide area of the campus, Jenner said.

Some students did not see the need for the stations, instead thinking better lighting at night would suffice.

"I don't know anyone who has ever had to call security" Ara student Sara McNaughton says.

Ara student Tiegan Lilley said she felt safe sticking to the paths with lighting, but believed emergency stations would be a good idea.

The plans will be put to the development team at Ara at the end of the year.