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Afterhours Podcast Episode 3

Hayley Linton
Lachlan Rennie
Bob Trevathan

Welcome to Afterhours, the podcast where we talk everything Christchurch Nightlife. Exploring issues, giving tips and having fun! The perfect podcast for your pres so you can have a great night out!

In this third episode, Lachie and Hayley look to explore party drugs you may encounter on a night out.


Lachie investigates the rise of one of New Zealand's now most popular drugs MDMA.


We talk to Joel, the Regional manager  KnowYourStuff about their drug testing platform and what to look out for.


Hayley explores a relatively new drug on the block, Nangs and what you need to know.


Then we talk to an ex-drug dealer about his past and what is happening in the underground drug market.