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Damage to Christchurch Adventure Park worse than feared

2017 Port Hills fires 011

The Port Hills fire tore through most of the park structure, leaving burnt remnants in its wake.

The damage to fire-stricken Christchurch Adventure Park is far worse than initially anticipated.

The $20 million adventure park was open for two months before the Port Hills fire tore through it.

Park spokesperson Anne Newman said the fire was devastating.

"This fire is probably one of our worst nightmares."

Initial assessments showed damage to two-thirds of the 900-acre park; affecting bike trails, zip lines and the chairlift.

Newman said after such a successful opening with great public feedback, having to start again from scratch was difficult.

"Unfortunately we did have to let some staff go but we've kept as many staff as we possibly can and across all departments," said Newman.

A logging operation would be the first stage of repairs. That and the steep terrain made the recovery a long process.

"It's not an easy place to get around," Newman said.

It would take months before the park reopened.

Burnt remnants at Port Hills Annabel Kean
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