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A rescue for little dogs with big hearts

Courtney Winter
Chihuahua Rescue
Angel and Pippin, two Chihuahua dogs.   Courtney Winter

The New Zealand Chihuahua rescue volunteers are grateful for all the support they get from the community.

The Chihuahua Rescue was founded in 2017 by Casey Walter after a need for the re-homing of Chihuahuas and Chihuahua crosses was seen.

Casey Walters says she and her team are lucky to have a large support system in place with all the vets and with trustees and foster carers being volunteers.

She says Chihuahuas are a sweet and loving breed, with a want to be apart of a family.

Casey is urging anyone looking for a Chihuahua to do more research into the breed and go to an accredited breeder before they go buy one.

She says she would like to see the Government and Council tighten the rules for breeders.

"There are just too many background breeders in New Zealand, anyone can get two dogs together and put a price on their litter."

The Chihuahua Rescue will be attending the Big Dog Walk in Hagley Park this Sunday, with many of the dogs looking to be adopted. 

The Big Dog Walk is raising money for the Chihuahua rescue this year, to help fund all the work their team of volunteers does.