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A local supermarket with a fan following

Arwen Sommer

A Christchurch New World has an online fan club with over 300 members who all share a passion for grocery shopping.

The New World St. Martins: Unofficial Fan Page on Facebook was set up to celebrate their favourite supermarket in New Zealand: St. Martins New World - Christchurch.

The page with 343 members was created by Moses Robbins as a joke for him and his flatmates but quickly expanded. While he was living in Cashmere he and his flatmates would go on group shops and really enjoyed it, so he thought it would be a nice idea to start the group.

He says now the page is about sharing the idea that we don’t just have to be on autopilot going about our day and seeing grocery shopping as a chore. “We can step back and be like, ‘Oh yeah I’m going grocery shopping!’ Lots of people go grocery shopping here, we’re all human, we’re all part of a real community.”

He created it as a Facebook group rather than a page so it was easier to moderate. It is important to him that the page isn’t treated like a meme or a joke, as he actually really likes the supermarket.

The Store Manager of New World St Martins says they are flattered people enjoy the store and always try to make sure their customers have a positive experience. 

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