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Mary 'Dot' Judkins, who lived to be 108, passed away on Sunday

Maegan Thompson
Dot, aged 108  Judkins Family

Life goals: she was partying with U2 in Paris, drinking champagne and wearing sequins, at the tender age of 91.

Mary Judkins, more commonly known as Dot, was loved by her twenty nine grandchildren, thirty two great grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren.

Dot was 108-years-old when she passed away and has been called adventurous even in her old age.

Daughter Beth Judkins said her mum was one of the most caring and smart people she knew.

She said at ninety one, Dot missed her daughter who lived over seas so decided to get on a plane from Christchurch and travel to Paris by herself to meet up with Beth and her family.

Beth said she wanted to make the most of her stay and that led for an interesting trip.

"One evening they went to a night club where they meet rock band U2, but they didn't want to know her, just Dot, and they bought her a bottle of champagne and drank it with her," Beth said.

Dot's funeral was yesterday. Many family members attended and said she will be missed greatly.