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A Culture Rising about to turn one

Carmina Blewett
culture rising
A Culture Rising  A Culture Rising, George Read

Youth-focused hip hop initiative will celebrate its first anniversay this month.

A Culture Rising involves open stage nights, which are hosted by the White Elephant Trust.

The initiative is aims to facilitate unity through music and grow confidence.

Event organiser George Read said A Culture Rising was an inclusive platform for young people to share their craft, and to redefine common misconceptions of hip hop culture. 

"We wanted to take gigs that are usually held in dark night clubs and scary places and bring them to a community event where the content is clean, and the environment is proper so then we can change the scope of what hip hop is viewed as," Read said. 

First-time A Culture Rising performer and local mum, Faith K, said the regular nights gave "all of us something to look forward to".

A Culture Rising meets in Room 8 of the Phillipstown Community Hub on the first Friday of each month.