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10,000 animal lovers flock to pet expo

Elizabeth Robinson
Chch pet and animal expo
Christchurch Pet & Animal Expo 2021  Elizabeth Robinson

Animal lovers and pet owners from across the region came together this weekend for Christchurch's turn at the Pet and Animal Expo.

This was the 4th year it's been held in Christchurch, and the event saw around 10,000 people attend over the weekend. 

The expo began in Auckland 11 years ago, and its success brought it to Wellington, the Bay of Plenty, and Christchurch. 

And this year it wasn't just cats and dogs on display; the expo boasted hands-on interaction with sheep, rats, turtles, ponies and much more. 

After last year's cancellation due to Covid-19, event director Peter Clark said he was so excited to see the expo back up and running. 

And, not only was he excited, but the attendees too. 

"I'm loving it so much - I really want to adopt!" 

"It's so much fun! I love the golden retrievers." 

There were over 60 exhibitors at the Christchurch event including pet adoptions, pet toy stalls, healthy pet food brands, pony rides, and animal shows throughout the day. 

Peter Clark, Event Director

While some went to adopt and some went to admire the animals, most stallholders believe the event is a useful tool in helping educate people. 

Donna Moot from Turtle Rescue explained a lot to the event-goers about turtles, and said people loved to learn about it. 

"For me, the pet expo is great for the education aspect of it. To show people the reality of turtle ownership and that owning one isn't a one-day wonder." 

Steven Thompson, director secretary of Dogs New Zealand, agreed and said the event allowed his business to talk to and inform all dog owners about his business. 

The next expo will be held in Auckland in September, and Peter Clark said he looked forward to many more years of family-friendly animal fun.